New Recipes for Fall

October 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve turned into a foodie (as in: I will try anything and more than likely enjoy it). I think this stemmed from 1) living on my own. My Dad always said he was picky until he moved out and realized he couldn’t cook so he started eating whatever was put in front of him. Similar, except I’ve wound up with mouths to feed and couldn’t feed people wheat thins and chocolate soy milk for dinner. So I started cooking. 2) Sol loves food. A lot. So for him, I’ve tried to branch out so we can enjoy more meals together. 3) I’m an awesome house guest. You make it, I’ll eat it.

Anyway. October always inspires me to bake and cook warm things (because my home isn’t 75 degrees on it’s own). SO here are the recipes that have been done and deemed awesome sauce.

Chili: I had this at a friends Birthday. Super good, easy, lots of left overs and I swear it tastes better the more days that go by (I did not make the corn bread, I opted for a fattier recipe). Our chili cooked for about 3 hours on high and was done. The trick for chicken, leave it whole, take the internal temperature and stop cooking it at 155-it’ll continue to cook on its own. This gives you fabulously moist chicken.

Cornbread: Oh my hell you guys, this was amazing. It was dense yet fluffy, just the right amount of sweet and moist. Perfection. It’s a good base if you wanted to throw cheese or chili peppers in it.

Fried Chicken Cutlets with Sage: I made this last night on a whim and was really glad I did. Sol and I cut our own cutlets (worked out great). The only trick is getting your oil hot enough that when you put chicken in, it isn’t too cool but then preventing it from getting too hot. Frying chicken is such a pain…but the payout is always worth it.

Velvet Cupcakes: These were pretty darn good. And so much easier than using 6 tablespoons of red food coloring. I also think they have a nice little reddish look to them.

Pumpkin Coffee Cake: I really feel like this was just cake and not coffee cake, but man, it was tasty. Sol who isn’t wild about sweet things (except me of course) enjoyed it. So I say success. I personally did not like the glaze on top, but everyone else did. And it’s so easy! It sold like wild fires spread at work.

Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars: In terms of sweets, Sol does like cheesecake and so do my parents. Having tried and failed at making edible cheesecakes (you have to give it a bath and I’m just too unmotivated to do this), this seemed appealing. Plus my friend Erica swore by them and I trust her baking. Super easy.  Really tasty. EXTREMELY fattening. So make you sure you have some peeps to share with. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed an instant 5 pounds.



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